HONEYWELL – Air Handling Unit

HONEYWELL - Air Handling Unit - Import Substitute

This Standalone Microcontroller Based LCD Temperature Controller Provides Proportional Plus Integral (P+I) And On/Off Temperature Control For Commercial Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning System Such As Hydronic Heating. Air Handling Unit, Heat Exchanger Or Condensing Tower

This Controller Has a Modulating Analog 2 To 10 VDC Or 4 To 20 MA Output And a 2A On/Off Output To Realize Various Optional Control Function Including Cool/Heat Changeover, Heat/Cool Sequence Control, Emergency Interlocking And Auto Alarming Control.

Control Performance: This Controller Provides 4 To 20 mA Or 2 To 10 VDC Proportional Plus Integral Modulating Controls 4 (2) A On/Off Control.