Neonatal Ventilator

Neonatal Ventilators

With the inception of neo-natal ventilators and other medical equipment controllers, we made our mark in the healthcare sector. Today several hospitals are using our product.

Neonatal ventilators are purely Designed with the preterm neonate in mind, these are a specialized subset of ICU ventilators that are designed to deliver smaller, more precise volumes and pressures required to ventilate these patients.

Neonatal intensive care ventilators provide ventilatory support to preterm and critically ill infants who suffer from respiratory failure and who generally have low-compliance lungs, small tidal volumes, high airway resistance, and high respiratory rates. These mechanical ventilators promote alveolar gas exchange (oxygenation and carbon dioxide [CO2] elimination) by generating positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an infant who is incapable of adequate independent breathing.

Our ventilators are designed For Pressure Controlled, Time Cycled, and Continues Flow Respirator that is intended For Neonatal & Pediatric Use.

While designing the ventilators our focus was 
on to making a state-of-the-art ventilator which will be very cost effective, easy to operate and will have all the latest modes of ventilation and which can be used from Rural to Corporate Hospitals with great trust.

This innovation also ensured that it will save 
a lot of valuable foreign exchange, will reduce the dependency on the foreign companies, & more importantly this lifesaving facility can be provided to the grass root level & will be beneficial to the weaker section of the society. 

Special Function

  • Provision Of Bias Flow – Neonatal And Pediatric.
  • SIMV Plus Pressure Support
  • CPAP Plus Pressure Support
  • Inbuilt Humidifier With Temperature Control.
  • Low Consumption Of Gases And Electricity
  • Facility of auto mode